Aside 10 Apr

A steady Face.. a gentle and benign smile and a very attractive and strong built…. This was how he looked…

Always taught me about what is right and wrong…. Forcing me to control my anger… A very interesting guy, talkative enough to spend your time with… a born leader thought was given very small life to lead the world.. I still cant believe my very own n my happiness of life… You are gone… n will never come back to make fun of me… For the first time you will not wish me birthday… how can you forget..

25th Dec’12

Aside 3 Apr

U will never know what pain I went through when you were going..I knew we will never meet but dint had courage to see you .U went n left so many unsaid things pending..I know the’ll never be complete and will remain unspoken for always.. It was not your fault but it was never mine too. U fought I know. I Fight daily n u must not know. The ship of dreams has sunk and I am afraid If I will be able to start a journey again.. A true companion you were… I admire you.. That genuine smile still gives twinkle in my eyes, those twinkling eyes still makes me smile.. N I know If you see me u too want to come back to me…I hope we meet again…..